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Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

If your business requires surveillance and wants to work with an experienced company that specializes in high-quality and efficient innovative commercial security solutions, give serious consideration to the benefits of employing ACG Security Solutions. We are proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of most video surveillance systems with our main enterprise product  line being Avigilon Security Systems.

You are welcome to discuss with our knowledgeable staff the secure professional video surveillance with the latest technology and cameras that locate, zoom in on, and track objects easily and quickly through your entire site. The cameras perform and insure early detection in practically any environment including those with limited vision, can be placed where they are needed the most, and have many other functions that offer helpful business advantages that haven’t previously been thought of or employed.

Also utilized by  Avigilon are the Client Control Center which work seamlessly with  their Dell build network recorders. Intelligent bitrate management reduces bitrate by as much as 80 percent and lowers storage requirements and strain on the network without any compromise in the quality of the video. Customers are enabled to interpret the data directly at the source to substantially improve the level of security.

Studies have shown that just 10 percent of the huge amount of data that is painstakingly collected is actually put to use and also potentially loses value almost immediately after being generated because it is mainly focused on delivering information in case of emergency or providing evidence after a criminal act.

It would make more sense for businesses to utilize the hidden potential of 100 percent of the video security data to capture and provide more information than that needed only for security purposes. Built-in video analytics used as standard operating procedure would help a company to make smarter business decisions, identify patterns in the activity of customers, improve sales by seeing what the ‘hot spots’ are in the retail environment, suggest creative ways to optimize the layout to increase customer satisfaction and additional purchases, reduce utility bills, and other pertinent uses.